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Something Fishy by leoplaw Something Fishy by leoplaw
Oil on canvas, 90 x 120cm

The original is much brighter than this image. There is also many more details that are not apparent at this small size. Original took two years to complete. The figure (woman) in the center stands between the conscious and unconscious. Top left there is a small figure of Shiva (consciousness), right is a figure falling or diving into the unconsciousness. The fish, bottom right, has no fear of depth or darkness, and can swim between the surface where the light is, or to the deepest darkest depths. So why should we fear our own personal depths. The woman has her eyes closed in a meditative (conscious) or dreaming (unconscious) state. The staff in her hand represents the Will.

More or my artwork available at: [link]
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missTjasmin Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Magnifique !
Zweetchuck Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this helped me alot with the description and all. Namaste <3
Alhoide Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
man i just gotta say that your work is truly amazing, i wish i could paint the way you do, theyre just so liquid and deep, very well composed and deep did i say that already ?? anyways great piece you are truly gifted and have a lot of patience.
UiMe Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2006  Professional Artist
I see very much more than you describe in your description. Then
Again if you were to attempt to describe everything
There you would need to write a book, (as I am doing).

After seeing this work at another person's site
I just had to come over for a look.
You put so much detail into your paintings to the point
where the scenes help me visualize my own thoughts,
I'm writing about in new words 'Worlds Apart'

I write about opening the subconscious in my book and after
a visit to one of your worlds: The one eyed creature for instance, in
my book is called a 'sonic tick' it is a biological android
possessed and operated by thought, the human other (that where we
cannot reach in our normal subconscious state) and this world has not
been visited by humans for so long. Humans
and sonic ticks were co-habitants of the human mind.
When a human has a sonic tick in residence they are
afforded great mental powers and thereby, in my book, have the
ability to design (using new materials the one eyed
creature uses as a catchment web) to travel
with expanded mind along a self regenerating space
and time vortex to other locations visualized, similar to
light travelling along optic cable. The colours from my mind's view are
very similar to the salubrious movement of your own
several paintings that I have fav. :kiss:

A wonderfully creative artist you are.
UiMe 2006
leoplaw Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
I am pleased when people can find things for themself in my work.

It would appear that you have a wonderful creative imagination yourself. Wishing you much fun and creative inspiration for you own work.
UiMe Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2006  Professional Artist
Thank you.
Good fortune in London mate.
Elgaris Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful piece :clap:
dyoselin Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
very powerful imagery
SalHunter Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
Love the flow here ... a beautiful painting!
Luusan Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
This is amazing, both for the meaning behind it and the technical expression.
ZeuxisZingara Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006
I absolutely love the representations and symbols in this artwork. Very interesting subject matter to pick too. The idea of the fish and death is just genius. I think I officially <3 you now. :)
Yoshidude Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2006
Wow, what great work. Your oil paintings are easily some of the best I've seen. You are very skilled, I look forward to seeing more contributions from you!
leoplaw Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Given time you will see more. Thank you for your comments. 8)
PauloCunha Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006   Traditional Artist
Wow! Exquisitely awesome!
Ronjana Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006   General Artist
Really wonderful.. I love the colors and the details, great work! :+favlove:
k-o-m-a Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
great, was this a dream?
leoplaw Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
No, was a painting that grew and took on its own life and meaning. I was but the servant of the Muse.
JonBeinart Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
Something stinky eh? There is something fishy about this painting. Apart from the stench it is beautifully painted. I love your organic form
leoplaw Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
...and the comments also. 8)
imafo Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
Great work!!
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